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3 Reasons why foreigners choose to get married in Georgia

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It’s a dream come true to exchange vows in a country with stunning scenery, and Georgia is one of those nations. Because of its location, which is halfway between Europe and Asia, this gorgeous location is quite valuable.

One of the primary issues that occurs when people plan a destination wedding is that guests find it difficult to travel vast distances. This is not the case in Georgia, where visitors may easily fly in from anywhere. Because you may receive your marriage certificate in as little as one day, this location has become popular for weddings, particularly in Gulf countries.

Here are a few additional reasons why Georgia is an excellent choice for your special day.

Simple and stress-free marriage registration for foreigners

Georgia is one of the few European countries where obtaining a marriage certificate is very simple. It’s ideal for busy bees and those who want a one-of-a-kind but basic wedding.

To make things simple and get your paperwork started, email your documents to the wedding agency once you’ve decided on your wedding date. Working with an agency will assist you in completing paperwork and planning your weddings on a budget.

Weddings are less expensive in Georgia

Many individuals shy away from destination weddings due to the high cost of travel and visas. Flying from the Middle East to Georgia is less expensive than flying to other nations. A trip for two costs roughly $300, and the travel is only three and a half hours long.

Furthermore, you do not need to apply for a visa to visit Georgia, making it a convenient option. Aside from the travel costs, weddings in Georgia provide very reasonable services and cuisine, allowing you to stick to your wedding budget.

Georgia offers Remarkable Places to visit

Why not remain in Georgia for a few days and tour it while you’re there to register your marriage? After you’ve registered for your wedding, you can schedule a photoshoot in Tbilisi’s famous small alleyways. There are attention-getting historical buildings and an actual waterfall in this area with excellent historical importance.

Georgia is also known for its stunning alpine scenery. You can have a mountain wedding since towns like Gudauru and Kazbegi provide excellent and cheap hotel services. Make your ideas a reality by planning a one-of-a-kind, stress-free wedding in Georgia.

If you are planning a wedding in Georgia; and would love to know more about getting married as a foreigner; we’d be happy to assist for the same.

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