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Are you getting confused what is better in Islam? Civil law or Nikah

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Muslim marriages are not valid under English law, according to the court of appeal, leaving thousands of women without the right to divorce. In many cases, it is believed that couples who undergo Nikah ceremonies are legally married. But they must also undergo a civil ceremony in order to make it legal. As you read our article, we will let you know about the cases where Civil law or Nikah is more appropriate in Islam. 

Important Measures taken to Nikah in Islam:

In Islam, marriage, or “Nikah,” is a contract between two people — a man and a woman — created by their consent. The contract includes legal and religious aspects that make it binding to the parties. A valid Nikah must meet the following conditions. Those are: 

  • Mutual offer and acceptance by both parties
  • Freely consented to by both parties
  • A blood, foster or affinity relationship between the parties is not permissible

All the mentioned rules are taken in Islamic countries for marriage but it is not recognized worldwide. 

So, most Muslims have a wish to move abroad, in this case, they turn to the civil ceremony to make their marriages official. 

Measures to follow Civil marriage in Bahrain:

Based on Islamic law, marriage is regarded as a Sunnah and the beginning of a new family. Prior to committing it to paper, it is a mutual agreement between loved ones. 

Here are some steps to follow for Muslim expats conducting the civil marriages:

  • Accredited Medical certificate from the Bahrain’s hospital
  • Passports of both partners
  • Valid ID cards of both partners
  • Determination of the agreed upon dowry 
  • Proof of current or previous social status in terms of marriage certificate or divorce.
  • Employer’s letter of approval for employees working in the security field.

Civil law or Nikah: Final Verdict on what is better in Islam? 

In Islam, Civil law marriage and Nikah are best fitted for Muslims under Sharia provisions. In certain scenarios, such as giving recognition to Muslim marriages around the world, they prefer civil ceremonies in Georgia, Seychelles or online rather than Bahrain. Couples can choose either option.  

Better to shift your heads towards civil or nikah ceremonies  in Seychelles, Georgia or online and make your marriages stress-free. Contact us today!

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