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Can an unmarried couple live in Dubai

We all know that in the last few years, foreigners have been coming to Dubai more than ever. The main reason behind is the economic boom of the UAE that offers better living standards and opportunities. Moreover, foreigners from different nationalities mean different religions and it has led to an increase in interfaith relationships. So, if you’re in the same situation then you must be looking for a solution to get married to a person that doesn’t follow the same religion as you. If it’s true that you want to know more about Interfaith Marriages in Dubai, then you have come to the right place.

Are Interfaith Marriages Allows According to the Law in the UAE?

By Islamic Sharia Law, a Muslim man can undoubtedly marry a Non-Muslim woman that belongs to any religion of the book. But a Non-Muslim man can’t marry a Muslim woman until he accepts Islam.

Does Your Family Need to Approve Your Interfaith Marriage?

The general perception about most of the religion is that your family must support your interfaith marriage. But when it comes to Islam, a marriage can’t take place without this. It means that a legal representation must be there especially for the Muslim bride that is usually the father or guardian. A good option for you is to get a lawyer to get the best advice on your mixed religion wedding.

But there is also another option that might suit you the best is to get married someplace else. Yes, we are talking about destination weddings and you can acquire them in different countries such as Georgia, Seychelles, etcetera. You can have this experience with us as we have helped countless couples to get married despite their different religions.

So, the Answer to Interfaith Marriages in Dubai is, YES!

Technically, you can get married in Dubai even if you have different religions if you contact us. You can explore our blog to learn about more case studies.

You can also contact us directly and we’ll get back to you right away.

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