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Easy wedding alternatives for Kuwait expats: The GCC nations

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Due to the general ease offered by GCC to its residents, considering the visa-free travel among most of the GCC counties. It can be tempting to consider beautiful locations in GCC to hold your dream wedding. Undoubtedly, GCC countries are rich in heritage, culture, and luxury.  There is a range of locations to pick from; the sandy beaches in Bahrain to the regal hotels in Saudi and the booming metropolitan city of Dubai. The process of having a wedding in any GCC country as a Kuwait expat is definitely not easy.

One downside though is the weather in most GCC nations. With temperatures crossing 40 degrees Celsius in summer, it is impossible to have an outdoor beach wedding in these months. You will have to wait for winter to plan your big day, along with preparing for a major financial shock to your bank statements. The majority of GCC countries are governed by Sharia Law. If you want to be married in the GCC, keep in mind that the process takes time.

Wedding in GCC vs other alternatives for Kuwait expats

Certain prerequisites must be satisfied in order to have a successful legal wedding in the Gulf area. For filing paperwork, there is a specific protocol and timeframe. If you cannot fulfill the legal criteria, one popular option is to marry lawfully in your home country. Most GCC countries, require you to hold a residence permit in the country you pick as your wedding destination with the exception of UAE.

This is especially true if you and your spouse have diverse religious or ethnic backgrounds. In this case, it is preferable for you to register your marriage in a more tolerant nation such as Georgia or Seychelles. With a valid marriage certificate, you can next proceed to register your marriage in the GCC. If you do not want to go this route, registering your marriage with your respective embassies is typically the best option.

An online wedding is a great way for GCC expats to be married. This is a practical option for expats who do not have the time or funds to travel. You may avoid spending thousands of dollars simply to be with your sweetheart.

Final Verdict for Kuwait expats looking to get married

As an expat, you have various alternatives and venues for having your wedding in Kuwait or the GCC. These venues, however, are expensive and difficult to secure. Unfortunately, most GCC countries do not provide conducive weather for outdoor activities. Most GCC countries’ marriage laws are complex. Getting married in easy wedding locations such as Seychelles or Georgia may be appropriate for most expats in Kuwait. However, if you want to have an inexpensive wedding in Kuwait as an expat, a virtual wedding may be the ideal option for you.

Still want to talk about other possibilities for an easy wedding in Kuwait as an expat? Request a consultation with our staff right away!

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