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Easy wedding Bahrain vs Georgia and Seychelles

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Many expats often hope for an easy wedding in Bahrain. This is because they live and conduct their business in this country. Before they can begin their marriage preparations, these expats need to know the culture and laws of Bahrain.

It is important to know the vital factors mentioned above because the Kingdom of Bahrain practices Islam. More so, many expats come from different religions and nationalities. This article discusses the wedding process in Bahrain and why alternatives like Georgia and Seychelles are great.

How can couples marry in Bahrain?

The Family Law for marriage in Bahrain requires the groom to pay some dowry to the bride’s family. After this, the next most crucial step is the pre-marriage medical fitness test. This test will be conducted in a recommended medical facility. A letter of approval from an employer is also necessary.

Some important documents to submit include:

  • ID cards of both parties
  • Passports
  • Certificate of annulment from former marriages
  • Death certificate of a former late partner

Once these documents are presented before the court, the marriage will proceed smoothly. Non-Muslims can only marry at their home embassies or religious institutions.

Why should expats consider a marriage in Georgia or Seychelles?

Expats who want an easy wedding in Bahrain might find a marriage in Georgia and Seychelles to be more exciting. Unlike Bahrain, Georgia and Seychelles do not have laws that complicate the marriage process. Also, they do no need a lot of documents to conduct the process.

An even interesting highlight of marriage in the two countries mentioned above is its speed and inexpensive cost. Expats can even enjoy the opportunity of visiting other countries with beautiful landscapes and features.

Couples who want an easy wedding in Bahrain should consider Georgia and Seychelles as worthy alternatives. If you or a friend is considering any of these options, book a consultation with our group of wedding professionals who will show you the right steps to take.

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