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Hindu – Muslim marriage in Dubai for Indian nationals & UAE residents

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A wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life. Many Indians belong to different religions which makes a Hindu-Muslim marriage in Dubai very common. 

Indians couples can easily conduct the wedding ceremony at the consulate or embassy of their country of origin while in UAE. However the complications arise when one belongs to a different nationality. In this article, we draw light on how to get married in Dubai as an Indian expat for Muslim & Non- Muslim weddings.

Requirements to get married in Dubai for Hindus

A Hindu marriage in Dubai must meet many legal standards to be recognized legally and valid. In the emirate of Dubai, all Hindu marriages are performed at the Dubai Hindu Temple by the Maharaj. The Indian consulate runs the temple, which is used to perform marriage ceremonies. The following are the first requirements:

  • Both parties are Hindu and at least one of the couple should be an Indian citizen with a UAE residence visa
  • Both parties’ birth certificates and passports with residence visas (originals and copies).
  • Completed application forms 
  • Three witnesses have UAE residence visas.
  • Resident ID cards (original and copy).
  • Passport-sized photos (two).
  • Completed application forms and affidavit attested by the Indian embassy that shows both partners are free to get married.
  • Divorce certificate, if applicable.
  • No impediment certificate from the embassy if one of the parties is not Indian.

Other conditions apply to Hindu marriages in Dubai, depending on the nationality, residency status, and religious affiliations of the contracting parties.

Requirements for Islamic Marriages for Indian expats

  • A UAE resident visa is required for at least one of the parties in Dubai.
  • The bride’s father or their Dubai marriage lawyer must be physically present during the wedding.
  • As witnesses, two Muslim men.
  • Passports and copies, as well as witness identity verification, are necessary for expatriates.
  • If the bride is Muslim but her father is not, she will need a document from her respective embassy or consulate stating that there are no objections.
  • Proof of status is required in the event of divorce or the death of a spouse.

In conclusion to Hindu-Muslim Wedding for Indians

Marriages in Dubai are pretty common, as the city attracts a large number of expats who meet and fall in love. However, one must keep in mind that getting married in Dubai as a Muslim or Non-Muslim Indian is not always a simple procedure, as paperwork takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, one must be prepared and have information about the necessary documents and requirements.

Do you have any questions about Muslim and non-Muslim marriages in Dubai? Contact our team of professional legal wedding advisors for help if you are an Indian expat planning a wedding in Dubai.

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