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How fast can you get married in Seychelles?

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Seychelles is a charming destination for your wedding and honeymoon. With white sand beaches, clear blue ocean, palm trees, and perfect tropical weather; Seychelles is located in the midst of the Indian Ocean. It is also home to another 115 islands.

Mahè, Cref, Praslin, and La Digue Islands are some of the most famous islands in Seychelles. It’s best to book ahead of time and hire professional wedding planners to get married quickly. In this article will help you understand all of the how long and legal requirements to get married in Seychelles.

Legal requirements for getting married in Seychelles

Its important that both sides follow the legal requirements for getting married as per the embassy.

  • Both the bride and groom must be at least 18 years old. If someone is under the age of 18, parental/guardian approval is required.
  • Birth certificates, passports (with images), divorce decree, and death certificate of your previous spouse, if appropriate, are all required documents.
  • All documents, with the exception of passports, must be written in either English or French.
  • To get married, you must provide the appropriate office/court 11 days’ notice.
  • Proofs must be attested if your name has been changed.
  • Marriages are performed in French or English by registered officials in the Seychelles.
  • Two witnesses must be present in person and must produce their identification and sign at the end of the ceremony.

The legal Cost involved

  • Citizens of Seychelles can get married for free through the Civil Status Office.
  • Citizens must pay 1500 SCR to leave the Civil Status Office, which includes Mahè, Praslin, and La Digue Island.
  • You must spend 3000 SCR if both parties are foreigners getting married in Mahè, Praslin, or La Digue, and roughly 4000 SCR outside of those areas.

How long would it take for your marriage license to arrive ?

Depending on your nationality and the procedures, your marriage licence could take anywhere from 2 to 7 days to arrive. It is relatively straightforward whether you are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or the European Union. You simply need to submit a marriage certificate along with the requisite apostille, and you will have it in 1-2 days.

Furthermore, if you are a UAE resident, you are not required to obtain a VISA. However, you will be required to give additional proof and double verification, which will take approximately 5-7 working days. This is to ensure you receive your marital civil status.

If you are UAE resident and wish to get more information about getting married in Seychelles; please book a call with our expert local wedding specialist.

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