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How to apply for a Georgia marriage license as a foreigner

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Not only can you and your future spouse get a marriage license in Georgia as foreigners; but the Georgia marriage process is simple. This is provided you know what you’re doing. Despite the fact that they are from different countries and have different cultural norms, Georgian regulations allow international couples to marry.

Can I apply for a Georgia marriage license as a foreigner ?

Depending on your preferences, Georgia allows you to have a civil or religious wedding. A civil wedding is defined as a marriage recognised by the law, but a religious wedding is defined as a marriage acknowledged by God.

To be honest, Georgia does not discriminate against religions or nationalities. Georgia will authorise your marriage as long as you present the necessary documentation. It’s also worth noting that Georgia is a signatory to the Apostille Convention, which makes your marriage certificate lawful in other signatory nations if it’s apostilled.

Documents required to get married in Georgia

In Georgia, you will only need to submit a few documents in order for your marriage license to be completed. Furthermore, there are no restrictions for interfaith or multinational couples. According to the official Georgian government website, all you need is identification documents like your passport to get your marriage license approved.

Please keep in mind that not all situations are that straightforward. Additional documentation may be required in cases of divorce or the death of a spouse, and it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer or an expert. Our experts can assist you in navigating these elements.

In Conclusion to your application for a Georgian Marriage License

Without any prior bias; let’s just say getting married in Georgia and acquiring a marriage license here is far more simpler than most countries. One of the biggest reasons is because Georgia welcome couples of different faiths and nationalities. This makes it a popular wedding destination amongst foreigners especially those living in the GCC countries.

If you are planning a wedding in Georgia; and need support with your paperwork and marriage license; do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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