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How to get a baby passport in GCC

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Although the laws have become rather lenient on giving birth to a baby outside of marriage, there are still a lot of questions that one does not have the answer to.  In accordance with the previous UAE law, unmarried or single women were not allowed to become pregnant before marriage. Depending on the circumstances, women were even deported or incarcerated if this happens unexpectedly.

In this article we shed light on how to get married and obtain official baby documents like passport in GCC countries 

Problems of Unmarried Women face out of Wedlock:

In GCC countries, it is forbidden to get pregnant before marriage and they have to attach the copy of marriage certificate before delivery. In accordance with it, a birth certificate is issued for a baby. Later, the remaining official documents will be completed for the baby. Moreover, they cannot choose abortion since serious penalties would result.  

Newborn passport requirements:

Passports can be obtained for babies using birth certificates. As a guide, here are the main requirements that are applicable in every GCC country:

  • Attested copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Father’s passport copy.
  • Mother’s passport copy.
  • Photo of child
  • Attach a copy of the marriage certificate

Words of Advice for getting baby passport

Registration of a marriage certificate is mandatory for women who are pregnant out of wedlock. A marriage license must be presented first before a birth certificate can be issued, and this will be used to register a passport. You can opt for Georgia, Seychelles, or online weddings if you want to come up with the ideal solution to get married. Afterwards, they can get registered in the GCC.

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