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How to get married fast in Georgia

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Do you want to finalize your marriage by signing all of the documents as soon as possible? We are confident that there is no better place in the world for a fast and inexpensive wedding than Georgia. Because getting married in Georgia can be as quick as in one day !

However the benefits of Georgia, however, are not limited by the ease with which paperwork can be completed. This old and fascinating culture is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. There are numerous options for an adventurous and entertaining holiday here.

How fast can I get married in Georgia

You can marry in Georgia; as quick as in a day. This might seem a tad bit odd however it is possible. The right kind of team and wedding specialist can help you put your documentation and send them to the public hall to make your application. All your are required to do would then be show up for your wedding day.

What are the requirements if I want to get married

Marriages in Georgia, like in many other nations, are governed by regulations. Before you take the step of getting married, you must examine the following requirements, which you must give and follow during the wedding process:

  • If you and your partner desire to marry, you must both be at least 18 years old.
  • The fees for the licences vary depending on whether you are single, married, or divorced.
  • A certified copy of your marriage certificate is also available for a fee.
  • If one of the parties is divorced, the divorce decree and proper paperwork must be presented.

Who should choose getting married in Georgia

Aside from the obvious locals, many foreigners are observed marrying in Georgia. Because, unlike most countries, Georgia makes getting married extremely easy, fast and stress-free for couples. This includes couples of various religions, nationalities, and if they are divorced or have lost their partner.

Furthermore, many GCC citizens pick Georgia as their wedding location because it is only a 3-hour flight away and most of them do not require a visa. Finally, let us not overlook the added benefits of being away from the deserts and in the heart of the ancient Georgian highlands.

Are you short on time and planning on getting married in Georgia fast; let our team know. We promise all you would be required to do send in documents and leave the rest to us.

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