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How to have a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court – Notes for all interested expats

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Many want to marry in Abu Dhabi but often, they do not know what papers they need or even the correct steps to take. As with every other journey in life, finding a reliable map of how to get married in Abu Dhabi will make a huge difference because it saves a lot of time and prevents mistakes.

Couples who make painstaking efforts in a bid to know all the key steps will record a quicker marriage. Sometimes, couples do not whether they should go for online marriage or a physical wedding in Abu Dhabi. This article compares the two options.

What does the law require of prospective couples?

The Abu Dhabi law is absolutely not stringent in regard to the expectations for a civil wedding. It basically requires that the couple confirm their identities and submit documents that prove that they do not have any existing marriages. Some of the documents that will be required are:

  • Passport copies
  • Birth certificates
  • Death and divorce certificates from marriages that are no longer in existence
  • The completed marriage application form, and
  • Emirates ID if any of them lives in Abu Dhabi or other emirates.

The new Abu Dhabi civil marriage law will greatly interest foreigners because it does not need them to abide by the religious marriage customs of the land. These tips are trustworthy guides on how to get married in Abu Dhabi.

Final overview of Abu Dhabi as a wedding destination

Abu Dhabi is opted for because it makes room for many physical features of marriage. Couples who prefer to submit their documents physically will definitely want to go for an online wedding. An online wedding, on the other hand, follows routes that are generally considered to be shorter and easier.

The documents required are also similar to the ones in Abu Dhabi although the identities of the couple’s parents will need to be verified. Overall, it is a fast process that saves a lot of time.

Abu Dhabi is a desirable wedding destination for all couples. If this medium for marriage seems acceptable to you, book a consultation with our wedding team to learn a lot more about the process.

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