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Know more about Civil marriage in Dubai for Foreigners

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A wedding in one’s life is the most important day. To make it more special and unique, a lot of couples opt for Civil marriage in Dubai for foreigners. Dubai is famous for destination wedding. Many non-Muslim couples also plan to get married in UAE. They can easily conduct the wedding ceremony at the consulate or embassy of their country of origin while in UAE. Knowing how to get a marriage certificate in Dubai is essential for these weddings.

Are foreigners allowed to register marriage in Dubai?

Yes, foreign expats can get married in Dubai, and they tie the knot in the other emirate provided you meet certain requirements.

For instance: If you belong to the same nationality; you can choose to get married at your own embassy, or at a church, temple or mosque of your choice. However if you belong to different nationalities unfortunately this will not be possible.

In addition, the marriage needs to be legally registered with the courts or relevant embassies. Non-Muslim ex-pats can marry in Dubai according to the rules and regulations of their respective countries.

What documents are needed for Civil marriage in Dubai for foreigners?

  • Birth certificates of both the partners
  • Valid Emirates IDs
  • Health/ fitness certificate
  • Document showing UAE residency
  • Original passport and copies
  • Proof or certificate of marital status

To conclude your civil marriage in Dubai as a foreigner

Civil marriages in Dubai are quite common; as Dubai is home to many expats that meet and fall in love. However one must not ignore that this is not always the case for all couples.

But if you wish to look at the positives of getting married here; if you are eligible for a civil marriage here as a foreigner there are many elegant wedding venues from hotels to by the beach; that would contribute to a memorable wedding ceremony.

Keen to know about your civil marriage in Dubai as a foreigner or an expat living or traveling to Dubai; feel free to contact of our team of experts.

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