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Legalization of documents by the Embassy of Georgia to Canada – Key points for expats to note

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Authentication of documents is a critical step that couples must complete when they marry in another country. This is especially so if the country they got married in is not an Apostille nation. Georgia is an Apostille nation but Canada is not.

Couples who marry in Georgia must authenticate their documents in Canada and the same is true for couples who marry in Canada. This article discusses the authentication steps in these countries.

How can documents be validated in Georgia and Canada?

To validate documents in Georgia, here are important steps that couples should note:

  1. They have to file an application in the E-Application system.
  2. They need to upload the documents that they want to validate.
  3. The ID or passport of the applicant should be submitted.
  4. Legal fees should be paid.

For Canada, the authentication is done at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. An application fee will also be paid.

Final overview of authentication in Georgia and Canada

We have so far seen that Canada is not an Apostille nation and authentication is a very important step. So birth, marriage, and other certificates that enter the nation will need to be validated. The country of Georgia also has laid down procedures that must be followed for the same procedure.

The steps for marriage and authentication in Georgia are not difficult but to avoid mistakes, it is important that couples seek expert help. If couples use a wedding agency that knows the law of the land, they will record better results.

If you seek help for your marriage in Georgia, book a consultation with our wedding team. They will direct you on the best measures to follow.

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