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Our Best 5 Winter Weddings Venues in Georgia

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For those who have dreamt about an escape from the city life; into the dreamy snow cladded mountains; a wedding in Georgia for you. The bets part of getting married in Georgia is the how affordable the wedding can be; and the options available for both indoor and outdoor venues.

In this article; we put down our best 5 winter wedding venues for couples to get married in.

Best 5 Winter Wedding Venues

1. Bread House, Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s unique history makes it a dream location for weddings and photo sessions. The city can provide you with whatever you desire, from fortresses to cathedrals, monasteries to gardens, and modern structures.

A traditional Georgian restaurant built around a big bread oven where loaves and other pastries like khachapuri and lobiani are baked fresh and given to the table. Aside from the specialty breads, there is a broad variety of Georgian cuisine to choose from, including low-calorie and vegetarian options.

With raw brick and stone walls and floors, the décor is rustic-chic turning this into a cozy wedding venue.

2. Chateau Khashmi & Winery; Khashmi

Some of the most gorgeous chateaus can be found in Kakheti, where you can stay with your guests and have a meal and photoshoot in the venue area or nearby.

Chateau Khashmi is a family cellar in the Georgian town of Khashmi, which is 35 kilometres from Tbilisi. A wedding in a chateau is one of those rare moments that is both elegant and joyful. The property offer many possibilities for you to design the wedding day of your dreams, from lavish ballroom banquets to quiet vineyard weddings.

3. Rooms Kazbegi

The snow-covered Caucasus Mountains draws attention to the winter wedding venues you have always wanted. With the sun-kissed mountain peaks, the winding road, and the chilling cold; you need to look no further. The trip to Kazbegi can be covered in no time from Tbilisi; but one might need to pay attention to the weather.

Riding over the rolling alpine terrain like the natives, lose yourself in the powdery peaks. Tours and self-guided excursions will give you a unique perspective on the Kazbegi region.

4. Monte Gudauri

To plan your wedding day; Monte Gudauri wedding wedding venue has the possibility of holding a ceremony either on the hotel terrace or on the meadow outside. Either ways, you will be surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and a clear sky over your head.

You can also find activities nearby, including horseback riding, hiking in the hills, and paragliding; depending on the winter. The best part is Gudauri is only a 2.5-hour drive from Tbilisi, making it Georgia’s most accessible mountain getaway.

5. Gudauri mountains outdoor

While Gudauri has stunning places that couples can spend a few nights in; some are in a hurry to return back to the city. However; if you still want you dream winter wedding venue in the Gudauri mountains; the local wedding team can help step this up in the outdoor space of mountains; while you make this the most special day of your life.

Are you still hunting for a winter wedding venue in Georgia; book our call with our local wedding team who would assist you to make this dream a wonderful reality.

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