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Rules of Easy-wedding Qatar For Foreigners

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Globally, most cultures consider marriage a contract. Despite its varying significance across cultures, marriage is nothing less than a legal process in most countries. However, Qatar’s unique marriage regulations offer a complex approach to getting married. 

Marriage Conditions for easy-wedding Qatar:

Non-Muslim expat marriages can only be performed by churches registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by clergy authorized to perform such marriages by the Ministry.

To marry a Christian in Qatar, you must:

  • A marriage ceremony can be arranged at any of the Anglican, Catholic, Coptic, or Orthodox churches in Qatar. Church officials will issue marriage certificates following the ceremony.
  • The Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) recommends that a translated copy of the marriage certificate be sent to a translator who is recognized by the organization. The QCCI website has one in its Business Library.
  • The marriage certificate and Arabic translation should be registered at the Office of Land Registration and Legalization at the Ministry of Justice in the West Bay. Ministry staff will stamp the certificate with a registration number and keep the Arabic translation and copy for their records. 

Similarly, each religion has its long paperwork in Qatar that expats have to follow.

How are expat couples dealing with Challenges?

Muslim couples can’t marry outside of a Sharia court or for non-Qatari Muslims to marry without a sponsorship letter. Every church has certain limitations, e.g. Catholic churches allow a marriage to be conducted if one party is Catholic and the other is Christian. As required by their respective churches, applicants need specific documents such as eligibility certificates and baptism certificates.

Giving the best opinion to easy-wedding Qatar Expats:

No expats are willing to pass through these tough challenges in Qatar of enjoying this beautiful day of life. With this in mind, the expats travel abroad in order to make their marriage hassle-free. They love to go to Georgia, Seychelles or UAE. Some choose the online wedding since their partners are quite far apart or can’t spend oodles of money.

Wishing to make your marriage day wonderful, book an appointment with our expert-wedding professionals!

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