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Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention – Exciting news for expats

Many expat couples plan to wed in Georgia because of the simple legal processes that are obtainable there. Most of these couples work in GCC countries. On April 2022, this piece of exciting news was announced: Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention.

Expats who are from Saudi will be glad to hear about this recent update on the documentation process in the country. This article throws more light on this news and what it means for expats.

Saudi Arabia and the Hague Convention

Before this time, many of the countries in the Middle East were not part of the Hague Convention. Today, many of them are becoming a part of this convention and Saudi is the latest nation on the list.

The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents is also known as the Apostille Convention. Since Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention, it will no longer have to re-certify documents from Apostille nations.

Concluding on Saudi joining the HCCH Apostille Convention

The new development means that there can be a free interchange of documents between Saudi and other Apostille nations. The challenge that comes with the approval of documents in the country is now reduced.

Georgia is one Apostille nation that many go to for their marriages. Saudi expats who want this destination might find the process to be a lot easier. Since the agreement is still being birthed, we cannot be so sure of what the process holds for couples who marry in Apostille nations that are outside Saudi.

However, if you are a Saudi resident who wants to learn more about marriage in Georgia talk to our wedding team today.

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