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Start to a new chapter with a new office space, Easy Wedding

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The team at Easy Wedding is happy to announce their new location in Dubai internet city. The company has been growing strength to strength from the founders to no operations across several countries.

We are excited to begin the next chapter of our company, from new office spaces to raising funds and recruiting employees for various managerial and strategic positions.


We are pleased to announce that, as a result of our remarkable growth as a company, we will be opening a new office in Dubai Internet City. We made this decision after a lengthy search for a new office location that could meet our current and future needs, and we are thrilled to call this our new home.

We will continue to provide the same friendly service at our new location, which will allow us more one-on-one time with our customers and the opportunity for more customized services to help them get married without any hassles.

We are now a part of the new ecosystem of promising startups in the UAE, having raised our first round of funding. We are also excited to hire more professionals at the managerial and strategic levels. Oh, and our phone numbers are the same: 800 0320843

Come visit us at our new office in the heart of Dubai, Internet city.

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