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Style Guide: Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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Weddings are always lovely, but winter weddings are especially so. It gives a perfect occasion for guests to truly bling it up with a lavish outfit of velvet, brocade, fur, and satin, especially for guests. It also helps that the majority of weddings take place during this time of year, which overlaps with the holidays—aka the parties!

Of course, you’ll need to think about the wedding’s formality, venue and dress code before planning your wardrobe. In this article we discuss how to nail that winter wedding look and what must you keep in mind.

Destination for the winter wedding

When determining what dress to wear to a winter wedding, you must first consider the dress code and venue of the event. This is one of the simplest ways to figure out which outfits will work and which will not.

In the chilly months, choose thick materials, cool dark tones, styles with sleeves, and lengthy lengths. It’s also a good opportunity to play around with layers, and if the festivities are taking place outside, you’ll want to wear closed shoes. A long gown or gown combined with a shawl for the evening is an example of a winter wedding costume.

For instance: If the winter wedding is taking place is taking place in the mountains of Georgia where the temperature does drop below 0degree C; it is always advisable to wear an insulated jacket to keep yourself warm.

However if the winter wedding is taking place in Seychelles or Malta which is rather very tropical; you can opt lose flowy gowns teamed with a nice shawl instead. Alternatively if the wedding is taking place in Dubai; once can dress accordingly.

Winter wedding Dresses

Because most winter weddings take place indoors, there’s no need to overdress for the cold. Instead, dress up your traditional wedding outfit with a winter twist. To do so, choose a sleeved dress or a maxi dress that covers your legs. If you must wear a print, choose one with a dark background.

More ideas on dresses to choose to a winter wedding can be found on trend spotter. Learn about the various silhouettes and types of attires you can pick and choose whilst looking extremely stylist this winter.

Still confused about dresses to wear to a winter wedding; we highly recommend looking for inspirations online or on Pinterest. And then finally don’t forget to get creative and add your own touch to it.

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