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The key to a smooth civil wedding in the UAE

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The UAE offers couples the opportunity to have a grand wedding that they can always live to remember. For that to happen, couples should follow through on some key requirements. When they do, they will find that civil marriage in the UAE is not difficult.

The civil marriage procedure was enacted by the government of the land to ensure that all couples get a chance at marriage no matter their origin. In this text, we will fully examine what the expectations are and also see how they can be met.

How to follow through with the marriage process

To complete a civil wedding in the UAE, a list of vital measures should be followed. Without these documents, it will be difficult to have a civil ceremony in the UAE:

  • Passports
  • Completed marriage application form
  • If married in the past, evidence that the marriage no longer exists.

Besides getting their documents right, the couple ought to note that the UAE government does not wed couples who are blood relatives. Also important is the fact that neither the groom nor his bride should be younger than 18 years. All marriage proceedings happen at the Family court in Abu Dhabi.

Overview of the steps for a civil wedding in the UAE

As mentioned before, documentation is a very important step for a marriage in the UAE. Foreign couples have to also translate and notarize their certificates so that their home countries can validate these. Once done, they can tender their marriage certificate anywhere.

One fact that is even more interesting about the UAE civil wedding is its express nature. Expat couples on a tight schedule can complete their marriage in one day if they so desire.

To learn more about the civil wedding procedure in the UAE, book a consultation with our wedding team. You will get all the information and guidance you require to complete the process.

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