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Wedding in Georgia for UAE residents- What are the benefits?

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A wedding in Georgia holds out a lot of prospects for couples. UAE residents stand to benefit a lot if they explore the country of Georgia for marriage. Georgia offers the option of civil marriage for UAE residents who are mostly Muslims.

Emiratis will be glad to note that a Georgian marriage is affordable. A couple has to follow many formalities to have a wedding in the emirates. This is not the case with Georgia. To understand the reasons that make Georgia an ideal location for weddings, this article will enumerate the core benefits of a wedding in Georgia. 


There are many factors that set Georgia apart as a great wedding destination. First and foremost, the aesthetic views that Georgia offers its visitors set the right mood for a wedding ceremony. Georgia is an excellent wedding destination for the following reasons:

  • Non-demanding legal documentation: The Georgian marriage laws expect the couple to submit a few documents. Just the Passports, birth certificates, and death/divorce certificates from previous marriages are required.
  • Speedy Processing Time: The marriage process does not waste a lot of time. Couples who have their papers register their marriages on the same day.
  • Worldwide recognition of the marriage certificate: UAE residents do not have to worry about the acknowledgment of their certificate in their home country. They ought to inform their national embassy of the process. In turn, the embassy will validate the certificate.

In addition to the points above, a wedding in Georgia is not expensive. The couple can work within their means to get their most desired wedding.


The consideration above shows that Georgia is open to people of all nationalities and economic statuses. UAE residents who desire a destination wedding should go for a Georgian wedding. The process is smooth and fast.

UAE and Georgia have a cordial relationship on the international scene. Therefore, residents from the two countries are free to travel and officiate their marriage in harmony with the country’s presiding laws. 

Having read so far, you most likely see reasons to obtain a marriage certificate in Georgia. If there are further inquiries about the possibility of a wedding in Georgia for UAE residents, consult our efficient team of wedding experts who will avail you of further guidelines.

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