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What are the laws for abortion in UAE

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UAE is the home to many expat couples; often enough they are not prepared to start a family. However; If you are living in the UAE, there are some serious consequences for abortion in the UAE.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the UAE laws of abortion and what are the best practices if you are pregnant in the UAE and not married.

Consequences of an abortion in UAE

Before discussing into the laws of abortion; let’s jump right into what are the consequences if get an adoration done in the UAE.A potential term of five years in prison awaits anyone who deliberately aborts a pregnant woman by giving her medication or by any other procedure that results in abortion.

If the offence is committed without her consent, the offender will be sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison. These laws were recently tightened after noticing a pattern where pregnant women were force to abort the child which endangered them and their new born baby.

What does the law in the UAE state about abortion

According to Article 340 of Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 about the issuance of the penal code, anyone who aborts a pregnancy and conspires to do so is guilty of a criminal offence.

“Anyone who deliberately aborts a pregnant woman by giving her medication or through any other means that leads to abortion faces a maximum punishment of five years in jail,” the statute clearly specifies. If the offence is committed without her consent, the sentence would be close to about 7years.

News laws of child outside a wedlock

A new provision for parenting children born out of wedlock is included in the most recent UAE Penal Law. It states that anyone who engages in sexual activity with a woman over the age of 18; that results in the birth of a child will be sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison.

The pair, on the other hand, will not face criminal charges if they marry, admit parenthood of the kid jointly or separately, and issue the child’s official documents and passport in accordance with the rules of the country of which either is a national and are in compliance with UAE legislation.

Final Recommendation to couples considering abortion in the UAE

Its a notable fact; that a child does change a lot of factors in one’s life but abortion in the UAE is definitely not an option. As discussed earlier; you can choose to jointly or raise the child as a single parent or get married.

Many couples that are waiting for the right moment to say ‘ I do’ can finally commit to being a happy family while expecting the arrival of their newly born.

Thinking about tying the knot; and ditching the idea of an abortion; give our legal wedding planners a call and let them know your situation.

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