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What does the new law state for pregnancy before marriage in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates said on November 27, Saturday, that a new criminal code will take effect in January 2022 as part of the Gulf state’s “largest-ever legal overhaul.”

Decriminalizing premarital sexual encounters and alcohol consumption, as well as eliminating rules for leniency when dealing with so-called “honour killings” in November 2020, are among the major changes so far.

Read this article to know about the recent updates on pregnancy before marriage in UAE

Laws in effect about pregnancy before marriage

The declaration issued on Saturday clarifies the status of premarital sexual interactions and children born from them, emphasizing that parents need not marry only if they take full responsibility of the child or share join custody.

“Any couple conceiving a kid out of wedlock will need to marry or recognize the child singly or jointly, and furnish identification papers and travel documents in accordance with the rules of the country of which either is a national,” according to the statement.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi launched its own personal laws, a revolutionary secular family law, in an attempt to attract more expats.

To conclude pregnancy before marriage in UAE

While having a child outside wedlock is not longer criminalized in UAE; many other factors do come into play when a child is born such as the name the child would take, while being admitted at formal institutions such as hospitals and schools.

Hence it is always recommended to consider getting married before the child is born if the couple are in love and are keen to start a family. Many counties such as Georgia, Seychelles and in recent times even the Middle East has new laws making it easier for couples of different nationality and religion to tie the knot.

If you know of anyone pregnant before marriage in UAE; share this goodnews with them.

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