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Why GCC interfaith couples choose to get married in Georgia

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If you are a GCC residents; by now you might know that getting married as an interfaith couple is not easy. And when it comes to matters of the heart; you pick what’s best for you. Even if that means there would be a few challenges and hurdles along the way.

This post will provide you with all of the necessary information on interfaith wedding in Georgia, including location, legal requirements and cost. Take a peek around!

Pre-requisites for interfaith marriages in Georgia

Unlike most GCC countries; getting married in Georgia is easy. The country does not place restrictions on legal weddings based on ethnicity or religious beliefs. However, you must be at least eighteen years old to marry. With parental agreement, you can marry at the age of 16, but proof of age is very crucial here.

A foreign citizen must provide a document proving his or her legal right to visit Georgia. All issued documents must be translated into Georgian.

Best time of the year to plan the wedding

If the best time of year is chosen, Georgia weddings for foreigners might be a wonderful deal. The warmth of Georgia isn’t necessary if your wedding is indoors. But you’ll still need excellent weather for your bridal photography outside. With that said, summers are hot, with temperatures hovering about 18 degrees Celsius. While winters are cold, but only for a few months.

In October in Georgia, the temperature and humidity are exactly right. Georgia offers a spectacular autumn season that guarantees stunning wedding photos with vibrant backgrounds.

Choosing your wedding locations

Georgia is a popular wedding destination for many couples. From modern contemporary cities to oak woods and farms to the beaches and all in between, Georgia has almost everything you could want in a wedding destination. It has pleasant weather all year, which can be a wonderful experience.

There are numerous possibilities for every type of wedding ceremony and celebration, whether you prefer an indoor ceremony, a beach wedding, or a wedding among one of Georgia’s beautiful foreign orchards.

Affordable cost for the wedding

The cost of a marriage license in Georgia is around $56. Georgia accepts cash, money orders, and credit cards as methods of payment making it easier for foreigners to get married.

However, how grand or intimate you want your wedding to be is all up to you. The rest of your wedding budget can be set aside for photography, food, attire, transportation, and the venue.

If you are an interfaith couple; struggling to file your papers for the big day; book a consultation with us and find out what your other options are.

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