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Why is Georgia an easy wedding option for expats around the world

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The middle east is host to a number of Muslim countries who adhere to the Sharia law. Given this fact, expats are often traveling out of the country to other climes where they can freely obtain a civil wedding. A great option for such travelers is the country, Georgia.

Georgia is a Caucasus country that is found in the region between Eastern Europe and West Asia. This country is a very good host to foreigners and it has favorable laws and weather conditions that enable an easy wedding for foreigners. Georgia does not restrict individuals of different nationalities or countries from forming a marriage union.

Conducive conditions for easy marriage in Georgia

Expats of non-Muslim inclination can get married in Georgia with minimal restrictions. Unlike the Islamic marriage law that requires the consent of the bride’s father before the marriage is concluded, the civil law in Georgia has no such expectations. Only the presence of two witnesses is required.

The paperwork in Georgia is also not expensive nor tedious. There is a regular flow of flights from the Middle East to Georgia which ensures that any interested person can access and hold their weddings in the country.

Tips for a Georgia easy wedding celebration

To successfully hold an easy wedding in Georgia, the couple should know what the government requires of them. Among the core requirements are a travel passport, a completed marriage application form, and evidence of marriage dissolution if any of the prospective couples had been previously married. 

Expats in Seychelles, Dubai, Oman, and any other GCC country can get their most desired wedding in Georgia. They do not have to break a bank to get married. All of these benefits make Georgia an easy wedding option.

In case you are still confused or simply wish to learn more facts about the requirements for marriage in Georgia, fix a discussion with our knowledgeable team on any of the indicated handles.

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