Abu Dhabi celebrates Valentines weekend by tying knot for non Muslim couplesh


Over the Valentines weekend, Abu Dhabi made history by marrying dozens of couples under the new personal rules. The law was announced in 2021 and later on signed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. This is the Emirates’ first civil law addressing non-Muslim family concerns.

Inside Valentines Weekend at the Abu Dhabi court

Approximately 60 marriage petitions were submitted in Abu Dhabi courts over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Several of them married on February 14 under the new civil marriage statute. 102 marriage applications have been lodged since the UAE Capital passed the new law last month, allowing civil marriages in Abu Dhabi for the first time.

As a woman working far from home for such a long time, I could not tolerate any longer to live my love story in the fear of becoming an outlaw in the eyes of the GCC regulations. Unfortunately, incapable of filing the requirements required to start a new chapter in my life, I had to work hard to find a solution

Liz Nunez, Founder and Manager

Journey of Easy Wedding in assisting Non Muslim couples

After assisting dozens of couples with their marital journeys, the Easy Weddings team was ecstatic to be featured in the Khaleej Times. Couples were previously offered to marry in Seychelles and Georgia owing to the difficulty of the rules and marriage situations, but now Abu Dhabi has clearly opened additional opportunities for love without borders.

“Being citizens of the world, we never understood why a love story would become such a headache when it comes to making it official.

Florian Ughetto, Co-founder and Manager

Despite the fact that the new rules have given many couples the opportunity to marry, some couples may still face challenges as a result of their complicated marriage arrangements. However for the majority of the non-Muslim couples things are beginning to look good.

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