An outline of documents that are necessary to marry in the Abu Dhabi Courth


As a center for activities in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has arranged laws that simplify the marriage process for all persons. The 2021 new law that allows civil marriages is one such. Couples have to know the outline of documents that are necessary to marry in the Abu Dhabi Court if they want a fast and problem-free process.

If for some reason, the couple cannot marry in Abu Dhabi, there are other choices for them. As we move ahead in this post, we will learn the required documents for marriage in Abu Dhabi.

How to marry in the Abu Dhabi court with government-Approved documents

Governments of all nations require their citizens and others who want to fulfill any legal requirements to submit some documents for verification and record sake. In Abu Dhabi, these are the stipulated documents:

  • Passports
  • Emirates ID (if they live in the UAE)
  • Divorce judgment from a defunct marriage or the death certificate of a late couple

Whatever the case, the civil marriage law does not approve of having an existing marriage while seeking a new one. In addition, 18 years is considered the ripe age for marriage, so the couple must be up to that age. Both of them should also agree that they truly want to marry. In recent times, the COVID test result is deemed essential for couples who want to marry at the Family Court in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi as a desirable marriage location

Couples who want to choose where they can marry should consider the ease of attaining their legal requirements. Environmental and cost factors should are also important. There are varieties of nice settings in Abu Dhabi.

People who want to experience the beauty of the Middle East come to Abu Dhabi for their weddings. The warm and welcoming nature of the country is a delight to many people and couples who have tried this route are happy about it.

If you are excited and want to learn more about a wedding in Abu Dhabi, book a consultation with our wedding experts. They will also avail you with the right steps to take.

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