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It might be difficult for newlyweds to choose the best honeymoon place. After the laborious days of wedding planning and the joy of wedding festivities, it will take some time to acclimatize to your newlywed status. Located just a few hours away from most GCC countries, Georgia boasts a long and rich history, an outstanding legacy, vibrant towns, and landscapes that range from the freezing Caucasus to the warm Black Water coastline (and you can really see the mountains from the sea), via vast plains, and wineries. It has everything going for it.

Georgia, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and one of the destinations on the Silk Road, combines Western and Eastern influences, which adds to its allure. If you need more reasons to consider planning your honeymoon in Georgia, this is just the article for you.

Why honeymoon in Georgia is perfect for you?

Food: Being at a cultural crossroads has undoubtedly influenced Georgian food. Invasion and trade both left their imprints. Modern Georgian cuisine contains remnants of Mediterranean, Persian, Ottoman, Arabic, and Mongol flavors.

Wine: Every Georgian will tell you that their forefathers invented wine. Georgian wine is traditionally matured in clay jars called kvervri that are buried in the ground. Georgian wines are frequently fruity, rich, and semi-sweet since the winemaking regions are fairly sunny and warm. Among the most notable are the Mtsvane (dry white), Saperavi (the most popular red), Mukuzani (a dry red composed of saperavi grapes), and Kindzmarauli (a beautiful semi-sweet red).

Adventure: If you enjoy the great outdoors and hiking, Georgia is the place for you. Despite its small size, Georgia has a diversified landscape that includes deserts, beaches, and mountains. Hiking and camping enthusiasts will be in paradise in this country. You may also relax at spa resorts or explore beautiful lakes, canyons, and waterfalls.

Art and Culture: Witness the floating men and women, one-of-a-kind movements, and whirling dance maneuvers that depict stories of battle, love, and friendship. Georgian folk tunes are quite melodious as well. Music is used to tell stories. Georgian polyphonic singing, in fact, has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Must visit places in Georgia

Tbilisi: a city filled with cathedrals, courtyards, crumbling balconies, and cats. Explore the alleyways of the ancient city & pay a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Sip wine in one of the city’s numerous wine bars, and end the day with a bath and massage at one of the bathhouses.

Kutaisi: Rich in landmarks, including caverns, dinosaur footprints, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries, and a futuristic parliament building, to mention a few. The city is located 230 kilometers (143 miles) from Tbilisi. It provides tourists with a great base for visiting the area’s cultural attractions and natural elements.

Batumi: If you are traveling in the summer, you should stop at Batumi. This central Black Sea coast city is a favorite summer destination for many Georgians. It is only three hours from Kutaisi.

Verdict on your honeymoon in Georgia

Georgia is within about three hours’ trip from the majority of GCC nations. It has a rich and colorful culture to experience, as well as some of the best wines and architectural treasures. Georgia offers it all, from picturesque valleys covered with vineyards to historic churches, perfect weather, and watchtowers nestled among breathtaking mountain scenery

. It is great for a low-cost European honeymoon. You’ll be surprised at how little you have to pay for one of the most memorable occasions of your life. Our crew will not only assist you in planning the perfect honeymoon, but we will also document the unique moments of love in some of the most historic locations. We also provide a well-organized personal tour of some of the unusual caves and canyons.

For more information on our honeymoon packages in Georgia for GCC expats, talk to an advisor now!

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