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The wedding day is a day most couples wait for desperately. If you live in Oman as an expat or any other GCC country, you might be struggling with planning your dream wedding. Unfortunately getting married in any GCC country is a difficult process for most expats. Most expat couples in fact, choose to get married in another country. Countries like Georgia or Seychelles are generally considered ideal and affordable options for an easy wedding by most expats in. Some expats even turn to a simple, quick and easy online wedding if they cannot afford travelling.

Conditions for getting married in GCC for Oman expats

Since GCC countries operate under the sharia law, getting married outside the GCC might be your best bet. This is especially true if you and your partner come from different religions or nationality. In this scenario it is ideal for you to register your marriage in a country like Georgia or Seychelles which are more accommodating. You can then proceed to register your marriage in GCC with a valid marriage certificate. If you choose not to take this route, registering your marriage in your respective embassies is usually the way to go.

Other options for an easy wedding in GCC for Oman expats

An online wedding is an excellent alternative for expats in Oman to get married. This is a convenient pathway for expats who cannot afford the time or money to travel.  You can skip the expense of thousands of dollars just to be with your partner. The only way to have an easy wedding in GCC for expats residing in Oman is if you and your partner are both Muslim residents of Oman.

Conclusion for an easy wedding in GCC for Oman expats

There are definitely several options and venues to have your wedding in Oman as an expat. These venues though are costly and difficult to secure. Getting married in countries like Seychelles or Georgia can turn out to be ideal for most expats Oman. But if you want to have an easy wedding in Oman on a budget as an expat, a virtual wedding might be the best choice for you.

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