Easy wedding Dubai vs alternatives like Georgia and Seychellesh


Many people admire middle east Dubai because it gives visitors a lot of opportunities to thrive. No wonder expats move into the country in their numbers and on a daily basis. Dubai is rich in culture and moral laws that guide the way its society functions.

After they settle in, expats might want to marry at some point. Non-Muslims are expected to present some documents and meet certain conditions before they can get married in Dubai. Even so, they cannot have a civil marriage in this emirate. This article will explain the conditions for marriage in Dubai. It will also proffer alternatives like Georgia and Seychelles.

Sharia marriage for Muslims in Dubai

Sharia law is the main method for marriage in Dubai. This means that non-Muslims cannot marry under this law except they choose to convert. Also, the government instructs that at least one of the individuals who want to marry should reside in the emirate.

According to the Sharia law, the bride must give her consent before the marriage procedures begin. She and her husband to be must also be of up to the legal age of 18. Also, none of the parties should be twice the age of the other. The law also says that at least two male witnesses should be present on the day of the wedding. The bride’s father or his representative must be in attendance.

Important documents to present before the court include; passport, emirate ID, birth certificate, death and divorce certificates from previous marriages. The marriage application form should also be filled with important details.

Concluding perspective on easy wedding Dubai vs Georgia and Seychelles

While a wedding in Dubai is simple for Muslims, that is not the exact case for non-Muslims. Expats can consider other destinations like Georgia and Seychelles for marriage. Online wedding is another excellent alternative that is basically simple.

The countries of Georgia and Seychelles have uncomplicated marriage laws that will not stress the couple. They also provide serene environments that are ideal for weddings. Expats will do themselves a lot of good if they consider these simple options for marriage.

If you or someone you know considers any of the three options mentioned above for marriage, get in touch with an expert who will guide you on the right steps to take. Our team of wedding experts are available to care for your concerns. Book a consultation with them for the best possible advice.

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