Easy wedding in GCC for Saudi expatsh


For most couples, their wedding day is something that they dream of. If you live in a GCC country you might be struggling to plan an easy wedding as an expat. Many Saudi expat couples choose to get married in a different country since GCC countries have a complex and prolonged process of marriage. An easy wedding country option is Georgia or Seychelles as it is convenient and affordable. If you can’t afford to travel, an easy online wedding is a quick way to spend a new chapter of your life with your partner.

Conditions to get married in a GCC country as a Saudi expat

Getting married outside a GCC country might be a convenient option for you since GCC countries operate under Sharia Law. If your partner is from a different religion, this might be your best bet. It is preferred to register your marriage in a country like Georgia or Seychelles due to their accommodating laws. Then you can proceed to register your marriage in GCC with a valid marriage certificate. Registering your marriage in your respective embassies is a n option you can also choose if you wish to not use this route.

Other options for an easy wedding in GCC for Saudi expats

You can also choose an easy online wedding as an option. If you can’t afford to travel or can’t afford the time, this is a very convenient option as well. Skip the expense of thousands of dollars just to be with your partner! The only way to have an easy, hassle-free wedding in GCC for expats is if you and your partner are both Muslim residents of Saudi.

Verdict for an easy wedding in GCC for Saudi expats

The venue options are costly and difficult to secure. Easy wedding countries like

Georgia and Seychelles are your best bet to have your dream wedding and to have it easy on the pockets. An online wedding is also an option for you to choose from to spend your new life with your partner as quickly as possible.

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