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Foreigners out there love to travel to Georgia for their marriages and enjoy every moment of it. The marriage process is super easy and fast for them. With so many perks and privileges in one place, no wonder many expats couples of different nationality and religion choose to get married here.

In this article; we shed light on the things couples must know about an easy wedding in Georgia, Tbilsi.

Rules of Easy wedding Georgia:

Due to the many complexities involved in getting married, Georgia is currently easier for foreigners than other countries. The exchange of vows is easy in Georgia for those who want to marry someone who is not of their religion. These easy requirements apply to foreigners:

  • Passports valid for both the bride and groom
  • Translation and notarization of your passport are required
  • There must be at least two witnesses at Georgia weddings
  • Please submit a divorce decree or death certificate if necessary
  • Signing the contract in Georgia
  • The Georgian embassy will provide you with a marriage certificate that has been translated, registered, and confirmed.

Why is easy wedding Georgia the first preference for expats?

A Georgian wedding is an experience like no other. It is the ultimate in letting your hair down and make your special day one to remember. Although the marriage process is relatively simple, an official certificate is also issued on the same day.

Final Verdict on rules of Easy wedding Georgia

Due to this, expats tend to focus on Georgia for their weddings. This is a great place to arrange a destination wedding for expats. Your dream can become a reality with our help. In addition to preparing and notarizing your documents, we will arrange for them to be submitted to the public hall, and oversee everything to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Let all your stress out and enjoy the happy moments in Georgia. Share your details with us!

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