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For all expats and, of course, Dubai residents, getting married in Dubai is a dream come true. Expats can include both Muslims and non-Muslims who have relocated to the country.

However; what makes a few couples take a step or two and reevaluate their marriage situation in Dubai is the price of a simple legal wedding in Dubai to the complication when it comes to putting together their paperwork.

Documents required to get married in Dubai

Finding a partner in Dubai is not the hard part; but putting together the documentation is. We have mentioned the step by step requirements that you two would need as a couple to get married in Dubai.

  1. First and foremost, the affirmative approval of the soon-to-be Bride.
  2. Both nationality certificates
  3. The couple’s religious beliefs
  4. The citizenship from where you both reside
  5. Valid UAE residency status.
  6. Passports that are valid and in good working order
  7. The couple’s Emirates IDs who are set to marry
  8. The couple’s visa situation
  9. Premarital screening test results from DHA basic healthcare clinics.
  10. The couple’s birth certificates to determine whether they are over the age of 18.
  11. Documentation of the prior spouse’s divorce or death.
  12. Witnesses to the divine act of marriage must have valid functional IDs.

The price for a legal wedding

One of the things you must do is get a premarital screening test. That’s because a pre-marriage medical test that shows negative findings for diseases like AIDS/HIV and thalassemia will prevent you from proceeding with your wedding plans. To have this test, you must pay between AED 250 and AED 900 per individual, according on the clinic you choose. The Elite clinics are, of course, costly.

  • The courts that handle the entire wedding process, including where the marriage solemnization for the bride and groom could take place could, charge up to AED 1800.
  • There are various documents that require attestation from the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), which charges AED 160 for the service.

Let’s be honest these are only some of the bare minimum charges; however depending on the nationality and religion your partner would belong to; the cost to get married at the embassies would differ accordingly

Final Verdict on choosing to get married in Dubai

As previously stated, marrying in Dubai can be highly expensive, so be sure you can afford it ahead of time. Keep in mind that these costs and fees are only for legal matters.

We hope that this information will assist you in planning your wedding in a more efficient and effective manner.

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