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When it comes to a civil wedding in Dubai for a Filipino, it’s not easy, even if you live there. So if you’re a non-resident but still want to tie the knot here, expect to fight the paperwork.

In this article; we draw light on what a civil wedding in Dubai for a Filipino would look like and what are the requirements to marry here.

What would a Civil wedding in Dubai for Filipinos look like?

In order to say “I do,” all you need is a recognized officiant, a marriage license, and a few witnesses. Unlike what we often think of a civil ceremony as jetting off to city hall, with just you and your partner. In reality a civil ceremony can be held anywhere and look however you want.

Mentioned below are the requirements if you are marrying someone from the same nationality; however the documents and process could vary depending on the nationality if your partner and his/her religion.

Requirements for Civil wedding in Dubai for a Filipino:

  • One Accomplished Joint Affidavit of Witnesses form signed by at least 2 witnesses
  • Three photocopies of DFA-apostilled PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of both partners Note: (the validity CENOMAR is for 6 months from the date of issuance and it is used “For Marriage Purposes”)
  • Three photocopies of the DFA-apostilled PSA Birth Certificate of both partners
  • Visa Copies and valid passport copies (Groom, Bride, Witnesses)
  • Recent passport-size coloured photos required of both bride and groom
  • Original DFA-apostilled Affidavit of Parental Consent for applicants aged 18-21 or DFA-apostilled Affidavit of Parental Advice for applicants aged 22-25.

In case, if Filipinos had already married/annulled, they have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • DFA-apostilled PSA Annotated Marriage Contract/Certificate
  • DFA-apostilled Court’s Finality
  • DFA-apostilled Court’s Decision and DFA-apostilled Advisory on Marriage (with “For Marriage Purposes”) 

In some cases, if a Filipinos husband or wife is deceased, then they have to submit the following documents along with those mentioned above in the Dubai court:

  • DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Death Certificate
  • DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Marriage Certificate/Contract 
  • Notice: Applicants must revert their passports to the bride’s maiden name before submitting their applications.

If the Filipinos are non-residents in UAE and the Philippines:

In some circumstances, non residents will be required to submit a Certificate of Legal Capacity for Marriage (LCCM). This is issued by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over their area of residence.

Final Conclusion for Filipino looking for a civil wedding Dubai

If you are single Filipino and marrying someone from the same nationality the process might be a tad easier. Depending on your wedding situation; the marriage for Filipinos could take a lot of effort and time.

Still worrying about your civil wedding in Dubai? Speak to our team of expert wedding consultants to understand more about your wedding situation.

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