How to get married online legally if you are a UAE residenth


Let’s be honest: There was a lot of doubt in the beginning about whether getting married was even legal or if it was all a big con. Couples have begun to view it differently when it was formally declared by the UAE government and around the world.

The entire process of officially marrying someone online started a year and a half ago. And now we live in a world where everything is being brought online. People are even talking about getting married on the internet these days.

This article will offer you with all of the details you need to get married online legally if you are a UAE resident.

What must you know about getting married online in the UAE

Many elements come into play when determining whether or not online weddings are legitimate. For many years, online weddings had no legal value, but owing to COVID-19, the landscape of this notion is now a little changed.

An online wedding can be a civil wedding which pretty much comes down to getting the paperwork in place and ensures the couple is legally married. Another alternative for an online wedding is a religious internet ceremony. Some religious weddings are now held via Zoom or Skype via the internet.

Many countries, however, do not recognize religious weddings without civil legal documents. It means that an online religious wedding could be regarded a street ritual with no legal standing. In order for an internet wedding to be legal, the couple must present their documents of the civil marriage.

Process to get married online legally

An online marriage is a pretty straightforward process provided you and your partner have all your documents in place. You can either choose to make an application directly at the embassy or hire a wedding agency specializing in online wedding; if your case is complicated.

Based on your nationalities, the agency with their in-house lawyers will undertake a complete legal embassy checkup. If there are no complications with the embassies, the online wedding process can be completed. Furthermore, the only requirement is that you have a valid passport, and you will receive a genuine and legal wedding certificate.

It is important to note that an internet wedding has nothing to do with your religious or spiritual beliefs. This is mainly paperwork and documentation. If necessary, you can always choose for a modest online religious ceremony or a later in-person religious ceremony.

Final Verdict on choosing an online wedding over the internet

To be fair; an online wedding is pretty low key and does not attract a lot of eyeballs. If the main intention of your wedding is either to sponsor your partner living away, get the marriage paperwork or a wedding without traveling; this is a good idea.

We have married many couples in the past; who have chosen to get married online in these unprecedented times and then opted for a wedding ceremony after legalization process.

If you are contemplating whether getting married online is the right choice for you and your partner; give a call to the team and find out.

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