How to get married without traveling amidst Omicron concernh


After the World Health Organization labelled Omicron a coronavirus variety of concern in the last week of November, countries all over the world hurried to restrict their borders to African countries.

Many countries throughout the world, particularly those in the Gulf region, have imposed travel restrictions to protect public health and limit the spread of the strain.

This also means marriage without huge gatherings and events has once again come to a halt; and couples must opt for alternative measures. In this article we discuss the possibility of getting married without traveling; which is online marriage and the process for it.

Marriage without traveling for couples

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now marry without traveling regardless of your ethnicity or religious affiliation. It’s all because of COVID-19, which has kept individuals confined to their houses and redefined how individuals can get married.

In 2020, the UAE announced its very own portal where couples can choose to get married. Here’s how our services can help you get married online without worrying of the hassles of traveling to the wedding destination.

What must couples know before opting for an online marriage

  • Because it’s merely the basic wedding paperwork, there will be no online, web, or Zoom wedding ceremony.
  • It has nothing to do with your religion in any way. As a result, you will not receive a religious wedding certificate.
  • The entire procedure will be carried out by a team of seasoned and skilled lawyers, as well as the marriage registrar.
  • First. They’ll call your embassy or consulate, and the process will begin only if the embassy has no objections to the internet wedding.
  • Only your original passport is required, and the wedding certificate we supply is 100% legal and legitimate.

Final conclusion on marriage without traveling in these unprecedented times

Our team has devised a way for couples who are unable to marry because to lockdown or other circumstances. Furthermore, any couple who requires a wedding certificate immediately may do so.

However, it’s also vital to keep in mind that the procedure is lengthy and costly. It’s essentially a last resort for couples who have exhausted all other options for obtaining a formal wedding certificate.

If you have further unresolved questions about getting married online; speak to our team of experts.

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