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Families from abroad have lived for decades in the Emirate. Across the globe, people believe that the United Arab Emirates is a great place to live, settle down, and raise a family. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many expat residents marry in the UAE after bringing their partners over. With the changes in Abu Dhabi, civil marriages have become somewhat easier in the UAE.

New rules allow tourists and people living outside the Emirate to marry. Throughout this article, we will do an in-depth analysis of Abu Dhabi in civil court with new laws that are far better than sharia law, making it the most ideal place for foreigners around the world.

New Regulations of civil court marriages in Abu Dhabi 

There were several announcements and changes that were introduced at the end of 2021. With these new laws like extended visas, expats’ lives are much more attractive, stimulating international investment, tourism, and long-term residency. New laws bring the following impact on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi:

  • Regardless of the different religions, non-Muslim tourists and expats can now solemnize in Abu Dhabi.
  • Citizenship of the Abu Dhabi of bride and groom can not get married now. 
  • Submit the online forms for the civil marriage of expats in Abu Dhabi outside UAE. After the ceremony, you will get the issued marriage certificate.
  • Civil marriages based on free will are also recognized by the law. Therefore, the woman’s family need not consent.

With these changes, the Abu Dhabi Family law covers the important aspects of marriage. A smooth hassle-free marriage for all!

Final Verdict on Is Abu Dhabi under Sharia Law apt better than civil court marriages

Having civil marriages for expats have felt relieved and now can feel relaxed regarding family issues after the latest amendment to the new law was enacted this year. It covers almost all the major aspects that expats may be looking for.

The current Abu Dhabi law is now based on secular rules rather than Sharia law. As long as Sharia law does not apply to their home countries,  tourists and expats can now get married in Abu Dhabi regardless of their religion or faith.

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