Making your love last through a mass wedding UAEh


Are you a Dubai citizen? The good news for you is covering the headlines of all social media channels. What a beautiful way for the UAE government to support the marriages of their indigenous people. Hats off on this new initiative!

This article will give you a complete vision of why mass weddings in the UAE are becoming trendy now.

Who took the initiative of mass wedding tradition in UAE?

On March 11, Expo 2020 Dubai sponsored its first mass traditional wedding ever in history under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior, Fazaa Social Security Fund. In a statement, His Highness General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior (MOI) attended the event and congratulated the 100 grooms gathered near the UAE Pavilion at Gayath Trail. 

The MOI’s Fazaa Social Security Fund’s General Manager, Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Buharoon, said: “We are all happy today”. In addition to honouring this mass wedding with the presence of Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, this wedding allowed us to revitalize our traditional “Fazaa” initiative and provide assistance to MOI employees with wedding costs. 

Building a stronger community bond in UAE:

To coincide with the 50th-anniversary celebrations, Al Masaood Group sponsored a mass wedding for 50 young Emirati grooms in Abu Dhabi, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD). Through this event, a unique framework of social cohesion and an effective community partnership with all parties, especially the private sector have developed. Another key objective of mass weddings is to promote the marriages between Emirati men and Emirati women as well as foster their traditional values and cultures. 

Words of advice for expats marriages in a mass wedding UAE:

Expats in UAE or any other country cannot avail this beautiful opportunity, but they have other best alternatives. They can either choose Georgia or Seychelles as the wedding destinations and enjoy the happy moments of a life there. Because all these places do not pass through the couples of a longer matrimonial procedure and also get benefit of quite economical wedding packages. However, if they prefer the more affordable way of getting married or their partner in a different country, an online wedding is the ideal solution. 

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Making your love last through a mass wedding UAE

Are you a Dubai citizen? The good news for you