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The wedding season of 2022 may have started with big fat weddings but the majority of couples, especially couples overseas, prefer online weddings. Similarly, for those couples who have not been able to have the weddings and receptions they had hoped for, getting married online is the best available option.

The number of Zoom weddings broadcast over the Internet has increased since the pandemic hit. A new kind of wedding allows couples to share the act of saying “I do” with their friends and family without violating social distancing guidelines, but it raises the question of, is it legal to get married online. The answer is yes but with the appropriate documents.

A marriage performed overseas is considered valid in the country where it takes place if it is performed according to local laws. Marriages performed abroad are recognized as valid by the laws of the country where they are being recognized.

An overseas wedding can take a long time and cost a lot of money. Some countries require lengthy preparations, and others do not. Couples prefer to get married online with their friends and family because of this.

What are the requirements?

You will need different documents to get married outside of your country, depending on your circumstances and where you plan to get married. Ensure you obtain the proper documents for your marriage before you travel to the country where you plan to get married online.

Local authorities may ask for certain documents such as:

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage search letter
  • Single status affidavit
  • Certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad
  • Premarital blood test certificate
  • Statement of parental consent
  • Divorce certificate (if you were previously married)
  • Death certificate (if you are widowed)

You may also need to have the documents authenticated and stamped by a consular official of the country where you will get married. Signatures and seals on documents are authenticated through authentication.

Marriage search letter

Before you can get married in some countries, you may need to submit an authenticated marriage search letter. It confirms whether you have registered marriage in your home territory.

Single status affidavit

You swear in front of a notary (in person or virtually) or another authorized official that you are single with a single status affidavit.

Certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad

In a certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad, it is confirmed that there are no obstacles to marriage.

Getting married online is quite challenging, especially for couples living in different countries. Talking to a wedding consultant is always a good idea when planning your special day.

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