Tourist and residents in UAE can now get married in Abu Dhabih


The Emirate is home to many expat families that have lived there for decades. People from all over the world believe the United Arab Emirates to be an ideal place to live, settle down, and raise a family.

Which is no surprise why many expat residents choose to have their partners over and get married in the UAE. Until a few years; getting married in the UAE was extremely difficult however with the new laws in Abu Dhabi some amends have been made

Under a new rule, tourists and individuals who live outside the Emirate will be entitled to marry. In this article we will go over the new UAE marriage legislation 2022 in greater detail.

The new reforms in the UAE personal law

Some of the reforms announced for non-Muslim citizens in Abu Dhabi include getting married without a guardian or witnesses, inheritance distribution, and divorce proceedings being expedited.

Residents from non-Sharia nations were subject to regulations on inheritance, marriage, divorce, child custody, and alimony that were notably different from those in their home countries prior to the new law, which went into effect in September, 2021.

To keep up with the rest of the world, Abu Dhabi authorities established the Civil Family Court to better serve people who are not bound by Sharia.

Previous challenges of marrying in the UAE

Previously, a woman of any age would have to get the consent of of a guardian to marry under federal law. When couples’ parents or guardians were in their home country, this was typically challenging.

The new regulations eliminate the necessity for a guardian or family member’s consent, as well as witnesses, for a couple to marry.

Moreover; tourists and citizens from neighboring emirates can now easily marry in the capital, making it a popular new destination for weddings.

What does this mean for couples who want to get married in UAE?

While Abu Dhabi has made it easier for visitors to marry while on a visit visa, not all of the emirates has. This means couples would have to travel to Abu Dhabi, book a date in court to get married.

There are a few additional issues such as the procedure, documentation, and paperwork for an expat might appear to be a little challenging. Couples from different countries or religions might face different challenges.

Hence it’s usually advisable to have an expert wedding planning agency on board who puts your documents in place and ensure you get your marriage certificate without much hassle.

Are you excited about the UAE marriage law ? Share this good news with anyone who is looking to get married in the UAE over the next week months.

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