Plan your wedding in Abu Dhabi with the New Personal Status Law for non-Muslimsh


Abu Dhabi; like most GCC countries follows the Sharia Islamic law which has various clauses and did not include the right to protect Non-Muslims. However with the new law signed earlier; this Sunday on the 7th Nov, 21 all of this is about to change.

This article emphasizes on the new personals laws in Abu Dhabi and the impacts it would hold for someone who choosing to marry here.

New Personal Laws in Abu Dhabi

According to state news agency WAM, Abu Dhabi’s ruler signed a new law on Sunday managing personal status problems for non-Muslims in the emirate, which includes an article on civil marriage.

The edict, signed by UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, intends to “improve the emirate’s position and worldwide competitiveness as one of the most attractive locations for talent and skills,” according to WAM.

What does the new law mean for a wedding in Abu Dhabi

Non-Muslims will have the right to be bound by an internationally accepted law that is acceptable to them in terms of culture, customs, and language, as well as to protect children’s best interests, particularly in the case of parental separation.

Additionally the law governs foreigners’ wedding rituals in court by introducing the notion of civil marriage, which is based on both the husband and wife’s will.

Other chapters include divorce, child custody and financial rights for the wife, inheritance difficulties, non-Muslim will registration, and a foreigner’s right to write a will devolving all of his or her possessions.

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