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Now that you have found your soulmate, the next line of thought might be to plan a wedding. Expats who live and work in Dubai will naturally want to marry in their country of residence. But what if the cost of a wedding in Dubai is not affordable for them?

Dubai and the UAE in general offer quality wedding services. However, many couples admit that their budgets are not able to afford a wedding in this location even if they desire to. This text examines why the wedding costs are high in UAE and some other places that offer affordable wedding services.

Attributes of a wedding in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate in the UAE that allows couples who reside in the territory to form marital unions. For Muslims, this is quite easy to process in the civil court. For non-Muslims, religious ceremonies or an embassy marriage might be the best.

Global economic conditions are causing an increase in the prices of commodities. So a 2022 wedding in Dubai might be pricey. Some factors that could consume large sums of monies are:

  • The wedding venue
  • Entertainment and 
  • Food refreshment

Apart from these, a 2022 wedding in Dubai allows the couple and their guests to witness beautiful sights and explore their environments. It can also mean the opportunity to experience the culture of the people. Note what a commentator has to say about a wedding in Dubai:

“We can find almost any type of venue a couple may be looking for – whether it be a luxurious 5-star hotel, something in the middle of the dunes, a mountainous backdrop or the beautiful sea waters. If money is no object then almost any location is possible – be it the Burj Al Arab Helipad; a full hotel buyout; the Al Wasl Dome at Expo or the Museum of the Future,” he added.

Arun Bablani Khaleej Times

Couples who love the UAE but cannot afford a luxury wedding there can go for a destination wedding in Georgia and Seychelles. If they really desire to, they could also have their wedding in Dubai by looking for cost-effective options.

Cost-effective alternatives for prospective Dubai couples

Couples who really want to experience a wedding in Dubai can still have their dream wedding if they are strategic about planning. They could either choose a weekday when there is no excessive demand for services. Vendors might then charge a little lower.

Another viable option could be a wedding during the low seasons when many people have not booked up venues and services. If all these measures are taken and the couple believes that a destination wedding is best for them, then they can opt for Georgia or Seychelles.

If you think that Dubai is an excellent place for your 2022 wedding, book a consultation with our wedding team. Our experts will guide you in making the most affordable plans.

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