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Online Civil marriage GCC package



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Embassy Legalization
Online Wedding
Global recognition

Starting from $1350

Get married quickly and easily, anywhere in the world, with our exclusive online civil marriage package for GCC residents. Say “I Do” from the comfort of your home with a beautiful virtual ceremony. No need to worry about location or travel.
Ideal for:

  • Couples living in different countries.
  • Busy schedules that make planning a challenge.
  • Anyone seeking a fast and stress-free solution without travelling

What’s included in the package?

Before Wedding

Documents Examination

Thorough review of all necessary wedding documents

Documents Preparation

Assistance in organizing and preparing required wedding paperwork

Marriage License

Issuance of the legal marriage license for your ceremony.

Wedding Date Confirmation

Confirmation and securing of wedding date

Civil registrar booking

Booking of a civil registrar to officiate the wedding.

Planner Support

Support and guidance from a professional wedding planner.

During Wedding

Online Ceremony

Conducting the marriage ceremony via an online platform.

Official Registrar

An official registrar will oversee and conduct the wedding ceremony.

Online Planner Support

Online support and guidance from a professional wedding planner.

2 Witnesses

Provision of two witnesses for the wedding ceremony if needed

Marriage certificate

Issuance of the official marriage certificate upon completion.

After Wedding

Apostille Certificate

Issuance of an Apostille certificate for international document recognition

Embassy Legalization

Official authentication of documents by a foreign embassy for international recognition.

Shipping to Home Country

Secure shipping of the marriage certificate to your home country.

Starting from $1350

Top Inclusions ✦

Embassy Legalization
Online Wedding
Global recognition

Your Wedding Planner


Specialized ceremonial and customized wedding planner to make your wedding day unforgettable

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