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Muslim Guidance
Stress Free

Starting from $695 / 2550 AED

Experience the sacred union of marriage with our Online Nikah package, designed to honor your traditions and celebrate your love in the comfort of your own home. This religious offering blends Islamic wedding rites with modern convenience, ensuring a spiritually fulfilling celebration for residents around the world.

We provide virtual representations of traditional elements like the Nikahnama (marriage contract) signing, ensuring a meaningful and spiritual ceremony that resonates with your beliefs.

What’s included in the package?

Before Wedding

Full Wedding Consultation

Comprehensive consultation to plan every detail of the wedding.

Documents Examination

Thorough review of all necessary wedding documents

Online Planner Support

Online support and guidance from a professional wedding planner.

Documents Preparation

Assistance in organizing and preparing required wedding paperwork

Booking the Imam

Arranging for an Imam to conduct the marriage ceremony.

During Wedding

Nikah Wedding Booking

Arrangement and scheduling of the Nikah ceremony.

Muslim Witnesses

Included in this package. From start to finish and beyond.

Online Signing

Digital signing of the Nikkah contract via virtual platform.

Online Planner Support

Online support and guidance from a professional wedding planner.

After Wedding

Nikah Certificate Translation

Translation of the Nikah certificate into the required language.

Married or Refunded

Guaranteed marriage or full refund of fees

Starting from $695 / 2550 AED

Top Inclusions ✦

Muslim Guidance
Stress Free

Your Wedding Planner


Specialized ceremonial and customized wedding planner to make your wedding day unforgettable

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