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Online Sharia Marriage



Package Details

Documents Submission
Court Approval
Imam Booking

Starting from $950 / 3500 AED

Our Online Sharia Marriage Package in UAE offers Muslim couples the unique opportunity to blend traditional Islamic wedding rites with the unparalleled beauty of a paradise, all from the comfort of your home. This package is specifically designed for UAE residents, ensuring a spiritually fulfilling and convenient celebration of your union.

We provide comprehensive support, from full wedding consultation and document preparation to booking the Imam and guiding you through the court approval process. The ceremony is conducted via Webex, with online support available to ensure a seamless experience.

What’s included in the package?

Before Wedding

Full Wedding Consultation

Comprehensive consultation to plan every detail of the wedding.

Documents Examination

Thorough review of all necessary wedding documents

Documents Submission

Handling and submission of all required documents.

Exceptional Documents

Preparation of exceptional documents if the wali is not available.

Court Approval Guidance

Guidance on the steps required to get the court approval.

Booking the Imam

Arranging for an Imam to conduct the marriage ceremony.

During Wedding

Video Call Ceremony

Conducting the marriage ceremony remotely with the Imam through a Webex video call.

Online Support

Providing online assistance and guidance throughout the process.

After Wedding

After Wedding Support

Comprehensive assistance and guidance provided after the wedding ceremony.


Assistance with Ministry of Foreign Affairs procedures in the UAE only.

Certificates Shipment (UAE)

Delivery of marriage certificates within UAE.

Starting from $950 / 3500 AED

Top Inclusions ✦

Documents Submission
Court Approval
Imam Booking

Your Wedding Planner


Specialized ceremonial and customized wedding planner to make your wedding day unforgettable

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