All Customized weddings in United Arab Emirates

Why is it a good choice?

Your wedding, just like your story, must be unique and special. We believe that no two weddings can be the same and that’s why we would love to CUSTOMIZE it for you to literally have anything and everything you’re dreaming about. When we say that your wish is our command, we actually mean it because we understand that you need MORE to meet your specific needs and out customized weddings package will allow you to achieve it.

Starting Off with Customized Weddings Package

Our TRIED & TRUE custom package technique includes everything that you need to have an unforgettable and picture-perfect wedding day. You only need to inform us about your requirements and we’ll work out everything to turn your imagination into reality to smooth out each and every detail.

Planning and Designing of Customized Weddings Package

Our custom wedding Package best suits couples who are natural-born perfectionists and have clear ideas of what they want. We’ll help you to get your biggest day show on the road whether it’s about décor, transportation, add-on, etcetera. We’ll make sure that our custom package will make your overall vision a perfect wedding day reality.

We thoroughly understand all the complex details of a wedding such as a passport translation, wedding paperwork, legal consultation, hotel and accommodation, flight, etcetera and we will make all of it as easy as it gets. Moreover, once the wedding procedure is done, we’ll still be in touch to ensure the compliance of the after-wedding service. Such as document shipping, after-wedding support, dinner, tours, and much more.


Even if you’re looking for a bit more than just the wedding day, our Custom Package got that covered as well. You can choose any type of add-on that you want such as welcome dinner, planning for a post-wedding meal, bridal shower planning, etcetera. The options are endless and we’re ready for that all.

Easy Wedding is the single-stop source that will bring you the best and most unforgettable wedding experience possible. We will customize your wedding according to your unique personality and taste. It surely will fill your big day with all elegance and happiness that you can ever dream of.

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