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Wedding Planner: Lali

Planning beautiful weddings in Georgia, blending local charm with each couple’s story seamlessly.

Nikah wedding

Embark on a sacred journey of love and tradition with our Nikah Wedding package in Tbilisi. This religious offering honors your traditions and celebrates your union through a beautiful Halal wedding ceremony. Beyond mere paperwork, this all-inclusive...

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Intimate ceremony in Tbilisi

Experience the epitome of romance with our Intimate Ceremony in Tbilisi package, where saying “I Do” becomes a beautiful and affordable affair beyond the confines of a traditional courtroom. Let us take the reins from A to Z, meticulously...

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GCC legalization package

Tailored specifically for GCC residents, our GCC Legalization Package offers a streamlined solution for couples seeking a swift and stress-free court marriage experience. Designed with the busy lifestyles of couples in mind, this package ensures that...

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Easy package

The Easy Package is ideal for GCC resident couples who want to legalize their relationship quickly and easily, focusing on their love story without the stress of a big wedding. Our experienced team takes care of the scheduling, paperwork, and legalities,...

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