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Court Packages

Require Legal Documentation?

Our court packages are tailored for interfaith, international, and expat couples. They include thorough documentation necessary for residency in the GCC or overseas once finalized.

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Religious Weddings

Sharia & other Religious Ceremonies

Welcoming couples of all faiths! Religious weddings tailored to each couple. Our services encompass consulting, preparation, conversion, and document registrations.

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Ceremonial & Bespoke Weddings

Your Dream Wedding with us

Designed for couples seeking a hassle-free wedding experience in the UAE. Our all-inclusive package includes everything you need and can be personalized to suit your preferences.

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Are you marrying from diverse backgrounds or struggling to manage your wedding ceremony? We understand, and we’re here to lend a hand.

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Require Legal Documentation?

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Focused on embassy registrations & document legalizations

Your Perfect Dream Wedding

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All inclusive packages and addons to customize your wedding experience.

Islamic & other Religious Weddings

Find Religious Wedding Packages

Religious wedding consulting, preparation, conversion, and document registrations.

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Marrying interfaith or stuck in wedding process? We can help you to get married legally.
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Comprehensive Wedding and Post-Wedding Services

While we mainly concentrate on organizing your wedding, we can help with more than just the ceremony. Our team is here to assist with legal questions, coordinating the wedding event, and supporting your new family in various ways.

Our extended services

Wedding planning
Couple counseling
Prenuptial agreements
Bachelor parties
Gender reveal
Supplier selection
Ceremonial Weddings
Divorce process
Family visa
Family reunion
Immigration support
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Looking to coordinate with suppliers? Find a list of suppliers who work with us to make your marriage happen

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