Can foreigners get married in Georgia?h


Yes! Anyone, even foreigners, is allowed to marry in Georgia. If people know what they’re doing, the process is straightforward. International couples can marry in Georgia, despite the fact that they are from different countries and have different cultural practices.

However; it is important to keep in mind that in Georgia, it is unlawful to marry someone of the same gender as you. Georgia’s constitution also permits couples to marry in ways that most other countries do not, such as expediting the marriage contract, lowering fees, and legalizing and documenting their relationship. To understand more about foreign marriage in Georgia, keep reading.

Procedure for foreigners getting married in Georgia

Georgia offers both civil and religious weddings, depending on the desires of the customer. A civil ceremony is one that is recognized by the law, but a religious ceremony is one that is recognized by God. The Georgian region does not discriminate based on ethnicity or religious views.

It will allow the wedding to take place as long as the customer submits all of the necessary papers. Georgia is also a signatory to the Apostille Convention, which makes a marriage license legal in other signatory countries once it has been apostilled.

Is it preferable to marry in Georgia or through an embassy?

The embassy would require a significant number of documents, and these fees would have to be paid in order for those documents to be authorized. The money you would have spent submitting the paperwork would be better spent flying to Georgia.

After registering for your wedding in Georgia, you can get your marriage certificate in as little as half a day. All you have to do now is contact the wedding planning firm from where you purchased your wedding package, and they will gladly assist you throughout the process.

In conclusion to your Georgia wedding as a foreigner

You’re making a wise decision if you’re considering getting married in Georgia. If the above is any indication, it’ll be lovely and simple. All you need to do is be with your loved one in such a beautiful setting. Even if you are of different nations, you can marry in Georgia.

What occurs after you have your marriage license, however, and whether or not this certificate is lawful for you in the future, is critical. We hope that we were able to assist you in making your decision to marry in Georgia.

Planning to get married in Georgia; do not hesitate to contact with the wedding experts at Easy Wedding Georgia.

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