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Seychelles is possibly the most surreal and blissful island in the Indian Ocean for your dream wedding. It checks all the boxes for the destination you want: clear sea, white sand beaches, palm trees with abundant vegetation, and wonderful tropical weather.

You may have it all, whether it’s a small and simple gathering or a grand celebration with your family and friends; marrying in the Seychelles and then enjoying a lovely honeymoon would be many people’s ideal wedding.

Continue reading to learn more about legal procedures and requirements.

What is a civil marriage

A Civil marriage in Seychelles is performed by government authorities that are recognized by the UAE government. If you want a wedding certificate that is valid and acknowledged all around the world, you’ll also need a civil marriage.

Documents and procedures for your civil marriage in Seychelles

  • Couples must be at least 18 years old; if one of them is under the age of 18, parental or guardian agreement is required.
  • Passports (with photographs), copies of birth certificates, divorce decrees, and, if required, death certificates of former spouses. Except for passports, all documents must be written in either English or French.
  • To get married, you must provide the appropriate office/court 11 days’ notice.
  • The presence of two witnesses at the marriage ceremony is required. To receive the marriage certificate, you and both witnesses must sign at the end of the ceremony.
  • If you need to show legal proof that you changed your name.
  • According to the legislation, the marriage will be conducted in either French or English by a recognized Seychelles official.

Civil marriage in Seychelles price

  • Citizens of Seychelles can get it for free through the Civil Status Office.
  • Citizens must pay 1500 SCR to leave the Civil Status Office, which includes Mahè, Praslin, and La Digue Island.
  • You must pay 3000 SCR if both parties are foreigners getting married in Mahè, Praslin, or La Digue.
  • The cost of a wedding for both foreigners outside of Praslin, Mahè, and La Digue is 4000 SCR.

It is recommended that you hold your dream beach wedding ceremony on weekdays (Monday – Friday) because there will be fewer people. Also the price of weekday weddings; could be slightly more cost effective.

Planning your civil marriage in Seychelles; get in touch with our team to get your questions answered on legal documents and paperwork.

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