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Marriage plays a significant role in Middle Eastern society. For couples in love, a legal wedding is the only option available to live together. Starting a family in the GCC culture holds a high value in society. If you and your partner come from different religious backgrounds or cultures, it can complicate the process for you.

Most GCC countries are currently operating under Sharia Law. If you are interested in getting married in GCC, remember that the procedure takes a while, and can drain your finances dramatically. This is why most GCC countries do not make the list of easy wedding countries. Seychelles is a country that may roll in your favor for an easy wedding.

Conditions complicating the wedding process in GCC

In order to have a successful legal wedding in the gulf region, certain conditions must be met. There is a strict procedure and deadline for submitting paperwork. If you are unable to meet the legal requirements, a popular alternative is to marry legally in your home country. Other options may include considering easy-wedding countries like Seychelles.

It is usually preferable for expat couples residing in any of the GCC states to register their marriage in a more tolerant country such as Seychelles. You can then proceed to register your marriage in the GCC with a valid marriage certificate. If you do not want to go this route, registering your marriage with your respective embassies is typically the next best option.

Why is a wedding in Seychelles an easy option for GCC expats?

As an expat, you have several options and locations for your wedding in the GCC. These locations, however, are expensive and difficult to get. A small dreamy wedding can cost you several thousand euros. If you want to plan a big event in any of the GCC states, you have to be prepared for a heavy toll on your bank account. Getting married in a wedding-friendly country like Seychelles may be suitable for most foreigners. It is not only cost-effective, but the natural beauty of the country also works to your advantage. With lush green forests and gorgeous sandy beaches, you may realize your dream at a low cost.

Lastly, the government of Seychelles has set in place laws to accommodate union regardless of race and religion. They only require you to submit:

  • Passport photocopies that have been authenticated for both parties
  • Both parties’ birth certificates must be authenticated.
  • If relevant, authenticated divorce certificates/death certificates (for prior marriage).
  • Filling out an online form or phoning the Civil Status office to register

Easy wedding solutions for GCC expats

Any GCC country’s venue possibilities are expensive and difficult to get. Moreover, most GCC countries do not offer favorable weather conditions for outdoor events. The laws of most GCC countries are complicated. Any GCC country’s venue possibilities are expensive and difficult to get. A budget-friendly wedding destination like Seychelles is your best choice for having your ideal wedding. An easy wedding in Seychelles may significantly reduce your costs, but most weddings in the GCC would cost on average at least up to ten thousand euros. However, if you want a simple wedding in the GCC on a budget as an expat, an easy and quick virtual wedding may be the ideal option for you.

Have more questions about the possibility of an easy wedding in Seychelles as an expat? Request a consultation with our staff right away!

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